UNIA Pan African American Flag Unityshirts

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Wave your flag? Why not wear your flag?

The UNIA flag, the Afro-American flag, the Pan African flag, the Marcus Garvey flag, or the Black Liberation flag, is a red, green, and black flag that represents the freedom, pride, and political power of Black Americans.

This shirt is hand-made with soft and high-quality shirts and fabric. The flag is printed on satin fabric and hand-cut and hand sewn with pride!

The shirt comes in black and white crewneck.

Disclaimer: The fabric does not stretch to accommodate the biceps or wrists that typically stretch the sleeve of the shirt. If this might be the case for you, please let us know so we can stretch out the sleeve for you!

Patterns of flag may vary and will not always be as depicted on product picture.

The shirts do not come with a physical flag of the country.

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